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About us

We are highly skilled marketing communications professionals. We are knowledgeable about our field, and understand immediate response is crucial to your business.

DigitalGate is an action-oriented organization designed to clear obstacles to help you market and establish the communication goals most important for you. The core players have been active in business–to–business marketing, communication and raising capital since 2003.

The benefits our customers gain are straightforward. We package our customer’s ideas with the kind of knowledge, people and programs that make achieving their companies' objectives more efficient and effective.

As a business marketer or communicator, your needs are distinct from those of the consumer marketing environment. Broad-brush marketing and advertising organizations may not effectively provide the required resources.

You know what you want; packaging your ideas that produce results. You know what you need; an organization that provides access to the kind of people and money. You need DigitalGate.

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Video......A Powerful Communication Tool

Today more and more organizations are using video on the web. Why? Because video conveys your messages in a way that keeps your investors, customers, partners, employees and stakeholders engaged and informed.

Video delivers a compelling and consistent message and presence – whether it be local or global in reach. Your organization’s internal and external communications, joint relationships, product messaging and marketing can all benefit by deploying video as part of an integrated strategy.

Our work

For corporate communicators, video empowers you with the ability to manage your brand and reputation by assuring that your message is communicated in an environment that you can control.