Say What You Mean,
Mean What You Say, &
Get What You Want.

Most of us know about using "impact words" in marketing -- language that is proven to be most likely to get attention or elicit a buyer response. But using these powerful trigger words and not backing them up -- or qualifying them so much as to make them meaningless -- can be worse than not using them at all. The advertising of a good, reputable company is a promise; and good, reputable companies and business people don't make promises they can't keep.

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Effective Uses of Video

Are you taking full advantage of the Internet in promoting your valuable idea or growing your business?  Are you using proven, affordable strategies to effectively promote your business online in ways that you can easily manage yourself?  This is how you can attract them to you. Regardless of the type or size of your business, there are simple and effective formulas that can help your business grow. But first, it is essential to package your idea or company using video.

To any businessperson, YouTube’s one billion plus viewers each month are a tempting target. How can you tap into the potential of YouTube to promote your business and sell your products or services?

DigitalGate can help how to make marketing your idea or video part of your marketing plan––and drive traffic to your company.



DigitalGate can help to make marketing your idea or video part of your marketing plan––and drive traffic to your company.

  • Develop a video marketing strategy
  • Decide what type of video to produce
  • We will shoot a great–looking video–on a budget
  • Edit and enhance your video(s)
  • Create a presence on your website and/or YouTube

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Power of video marketing

Businesses large and small have discovered the power of video marketing, but more importantly, discovered YouTube marketing. In fact, YouTube is the hottest new medium for online marketing; if your business has an online component, you could, and should be promoting it via YouTube.

Most YouTube videos, even those produced by businesses, come from consumer grade camcorders. There is a good reason to utilize a professional video––it looks professional. If you have a powerful idea and a good company why not spend the money to convey your message the way it deserves to be communicated?